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At Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy we take the opportunity of training your young person as a sacred trust. We treat every young person as though they were our only student, and strive to provide them with complete and proper training. A standard our customers have come to expect from Greater Pen Bay Driving School.

It is important to realize that not all schools are the same…

As a parent or student, you should never base your decision on which school to attend solely on price.
Here are a few things you should consider…

1. Does the school you are considering use the latest edition of the textbook? The How to Drive, 15th Edition textbook was publish in 2020. Ensure that your young person isn’t being taught out of a book published in the 1990’s.

2. Are instructors employees, or are they subcontractors? Subcontractors may not have a vested interest in doing more than is required to get their contracted amount. Try to locate a school that uses employees, and is locally owned and operated.

3. What has the school invested in, as far as training material? The school should be well equipped with videos and training aids. We know of one school who had a total of (3) three training videos for the entire class and those were provided by BMV. At Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy we are constantly investing in our students training. We have an extensive media library, consisting of DVD’s and VHS videos. We use extra training material, a plethora of hand-outs and brochures.

4. What are the training vehicles like? Are they in good repair and maintained properly? Our training vehicles are also equipped with audio/visual recording technology. This allows the beginner to keep their eyes high, not needing to look down at the gauges and take their eyes off the roadway. At Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy we drive late model vehicles and take extra care to insure that all regular maintenance is performed on a timely basis.

5. What extras does the school add to their program to improve the overall quality of the learning experience? We bring in speakers like Rick Tarr with the Bureau of Highway Safety and Mid-Coast EMS with the Seatbelt Convincer. At Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy we are constantly striving to improve our training experience for our students.

6. How complete is their training? At Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy we pack as much as we can into our 30 hours. We preform predriving inspections inside and out, basic vehicle owner operator maintenance to include checking owner operator required items under the hood of the vehicle. Check to see what the school offers!

7. What kind of driving experience does the school offer behind the wheel? Check this out thoroughly! Both schools may take your young person into the city, but one might just drive through while the other really knows how to work the city and get the most out of the training. Some schools may even cut corners on drive time which is extremely frowned on by the BMV. You have 10 hours of behind the wheel instruction coming. Make sure you get it all.

8. And finally do they offer any special extra touches for a special remembrance of their training experience? At Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy we not only provided the Course Completion Certificate but we also include a Certificate of Achievement and a class picture.

These are just a few of the things you should be considering when deciding the best driver training for your young person. We would be glad to talk to you more on the phone or in person. Ask us about our special offer for our students on road test preparation; ask us about our success rates with students passing their road test the first time.
We are proud of our standards and our success with the students we teach!

Our standards are high, and our commitment is strong…
We hope that you will decide that Greater Pen Bay Driving Academy is the right choice for you! See you soon!

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